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Rethink what a tablet kiosk can do for your business.

The lilitab Surface Pro will change how you think about tablet kiosks. Its advanced functionality solves the power and maintenance problems of deploying public-facing tablet kiosks.

Top features:

  • Tablet friendly. The Surface Pro is able to support most 10" tablets on the market, including Apple iPad, the Microsoft Surface RT, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 10 and more. Depending on which tablet you have, your kiosk will require a different faceplate and internal cabling.
  • MagDock. The patented MagDock feature is in the top of the pole where the lilitab head is mounted. With a turn of a key, the head unit easily detaches for assisted selling, maintenance or access to the tablet. Dock the head unit in portrait or landscape orientation & the pass-through power automatically begins to charge the tablet when docked, no cables to connect! The high quality lock offers 100 different randomly assigned key codes, custom and large orders can be keyed alike on request.
  • Experience zero downtime. In public environments, stuff happens. Who wants to call and wait for a technician when it does? If your tablet stops working, just turn the key to swap in a new head unit. Problem solved—no waiting, no technician necessary.
  • MagKey. A patented feature that allows you to securely sleep your lilitab when an iPad is installed. Insert the key to sleep the iPad, remove it to wake returning your kiosk to the exact state it was in. This allows you to securely turn your kiosk “on” and “off” without accessing or removing your iPad from the kiosk; a key concern for retail establishments that turn off power to their fixtures at night.
  • Head tilt. The head unit can be tilted up and down +/- 22.5° (can be fixed in place at any angle).
  • Mega expandable. With the added expansion ports on the back of the head, you can easily add third party electronics, as well as various customizations such as exposing the rear facing camera on any tablet.

We've thought of everything.

The lilitab kiosk system is equipped with standard features to ensure it functions properly, has endurance and is upgradeable.  

  • Radio transparent. There’s no metal in the lilitab head unit. That means it won't interfere with your tablet's various signals (WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth). That gives you maximum range and data throughput.
  • Tablet safe. Silicone pads inside the lilitab head unit cradle your tablet against bumps and knocks. This ensures your tablet is safe from damage if dropped.
  • Rock solid and anti-theft. The lilitab head unit is manufactured from ABS, one of the strongest plastics available. This, together with our patented perimeter latching system, ensures your tablet is safe inside. The pole is manufactured from powder-coated steel that is nearly impervious to chips and scratches. For more permanent installations, the pole mount can be bolted to any surface through mount points inside the tubular base, leaving nothing visible or accessible.
  • Upgradeable. No matter what new tablets are introduced into the market, lilitab is ready and equipped for change and upgrade.
  • Convenient charging. You never have to remove your tablet to recharge it. The tablet is charged via a pass-through port in the lilitab head unit and charges automatically when plugged in.
  • Base Options. The lilitab Surface Pro can be mounted directly to any surface or you can use the optional base plate. The base plate offers easy mobility for tradeshows or off-site demos. 

Face options.

The lilitab Surface Pro protects all of your tablet's controls—volume, power, and headphone jack—from tampering. Your kiosk comes with either a Pinhole Home faceplate (if your tablet is an iPad) or a Blank faceplate (if your tablet is an Android tablet) or a Camera + Windows faceplate if your tablet is a Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

There are many other faceplate options available for your lilitab that vary according to your tablet choice. 

    It likes to dress up.

    Brand your lilitab Surface Pro your way with many options including custom faceplate design, keyboard, ID scanner, and more.

    Optional Secure Card Reader

    Need a magnetic stripe reader? Simply add our card reader. You can choose our own iPad 30pin encrypting & tokenizing reader or a Square™ reader mount point.



    Supporting PDF Documents

    lilitablilitab Surface Pro Product Sell Sheet

    lilitablilitab Surface Pro Dimension Drawing

     lilitablilitab Surface Pro Owner Manual