lilitab Lift


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The lilitab Lift is the most elegant and functional iPad kiosk with an articulating mount available anywhere.

The lilitab Lift is designed to securely hold your iPad (or other tablet computer)* in public use environments transforming it into the most compact, cost-effective, self-service kiosk available.

It protects all of the iPad's controls from tampering (volume, power & headphone jack) and allows you to choose to either expose or hide the home button & front-facing camera (see faceplates below).

lilitab Lift is:

  • Fingertip positioning; the articulating arm with gas assist allows you to rotate, tilt, lift and position the Lilitab exactly where you need it.
  • Flexible mount options; mounts to a desk or other surface with included clamp or through-hole hardware.
  • Super strong; the head unit is manufactured from ABS, one of the strongest plastics available (typically used in automotive bumpers and motorcycle helmets).
  • Radio transparent; because there is no metal in the head-unit it is completely radio-transparent to your iPad's various signals (wifi, 3g & bluetooth) offering maximum range and data throughput.
  • Secure; silicone pads cradle your iPad against bumps and knocks, four high-security screws hold your iPad in place, Kensington lock opening for added security.
  • Upgradeable; getting the new iPad 3? By changing out two internal supports you can use the Lilitab Lift with any future (or past) iPad model including the iPad 1 & 2.

the lilitab iPad secure enclosure comes with your choice of faceplate to suit your security needs. Choose from:

  • Standard Faceplate (home button exposed)
  • Security Faceplate (pinhole for paper-clip triggering of home button)
  • High Security Faceplate (no home button)
  • Camera Faceplate (home button and camera opening)
  • Camera Security Faceplate (pinhole home button & camera opening)
  • Camera High Security Faceplate (camera opening only)


Its clever design securely presents your lilitab in style in either portrait or landscape orientation and accepts the lilitab keyboard mount.

Rock Solid

Manufactured from anodized aluminum it secures your lilitab against tampering and theft.

Optional Secure Card Reader

Available with the most tightly integrated mag-stripe reader on any iPad kiosk there are no exposed cables or flimsy attachments to break off. Engineered by the electrical engineer who literally wrote the book on integrating third-party devices to the Apple® dock connector the custom designed electronics for the card reader head are completely isolated from the dock connector so that no stress is ever placed on the dock connector. Power to the iPad is handled internally INSIDE the enclosure via a pass through port so you never have to remove your iPad to recharge it, simply plug the kiosk into the wall for all day power.

NOTE 1: The lilitab Lift articulating arm is only available in silver, you color choice refers to the lilitab head unit included with your purchase.

NOTE 2: The lilitab Lift does not house the USB cable internally, instead it is secured to the arm via the included white zip ties.

NOTE 3: When noted as in-stock the lilitab lift has a 2 week lead time.