lilitab Standard ATA Flight Case


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lilitab is the only iPad® kiosk that is available in a secure, ATA approved flight case for air travel and repeated shipping. Perfect for trade-shows, exhibits and road-shows.

Our flight case is designed for real abuse. They are the perfect choice for transporting your lilitab Standard around the corner or around the world with maximum protection.

Our shipping case is ATA 1 rated with heavy duty built-in wheels with bumper protection and an indestructible injection molded trigger release latching system. With TSA locks you can lock your container and still have it inspected by TSA screeners who can re-lock the case for added security.

It is ideal for all modes of transportation, but specifically manufactured to withstand the brutality of constant shipping via common carriers, whether it's airline baggage, UPS/FedEx/DHL/etc., or any form of truck freight. Each case comes with a custom cut foam interior to cradle your lilitab iPad kiosk against all that the airline industry can throw at it.

Please note when ordering what configuration you require your case:

Configuration 1: One lilitab Standard iPad kiosk

Configuration 2: Two lilitab Standard iPad kiosks (yes we can fit two in one case!).

Configuration 3: One lilitab Standard iPad kiosk and One lilitab Surface iPad kiosk

Note: Depending upon your configuration, we will attempt to fit any accessories on your order into the case with your lilitab. There's not much spare room in configuration 2 and 3, however configuration 1 can hold one or two accessories depending upon what they are.

External dimensions:                Empty weight:

138cm x 38cm x 19cm            Approx. 12KG