"...if you're looking for a good way to get your iPad kiosks to look professional and sleek, give them a call." Mike Rose, Editor, TUAW. Read the full review here.

Digital brochure

Download our digital brochure below for a quick overview of the lilitab iPad kiosk system:

Lilitab digital brochure

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No Radio Interference

The lilitab secure iPad® enclosure is made completely from ABS, a material that does not impede radio signals. This ensures your wifi, 3G and Bluetooth® signals are unimpeded.

Integrated & Elegant

No other iPad kiosk integrates as much functionality as elegantly and thoughtfully as the lilitab iPad kiosk system. Depending upon how you accessorize it, the lilitab can sit unobtrusively serving customers, or make a huge impact, drawing attention and making a statement.


You don’t need to remove your iPad from the enclosure to charge it up, nothing to plug and unplug, no dangling usb cables. Just a regular power cable that stows neatly when not in use. There are no visible cables, no kludged electronic bits haphazardly attached. All lilitab iPad kiosks are integrated at the component level with our own custom electronics.

Flexible and Modular

The lilitab is part of system that does a lot more than your typical iPad kiosk, which means that as your needs change your lilitab can too. Accessories such as a brochure rack, keyboard mount, merchandizing display, banner mount, extended battery pack and more easily attach to special mount points.

lilitab can be mounted in more places than any competing kiosk including freestanding, countertop, wall-mount, flexible arm, desk, car, any VESA compliant mount. lilitab is the only iPad kiosk that can be incorporated directly into your queuing system via an optional tensa-barrier cassette.

ADA Compliant

ADA compliance is a critical liability that all businesses deploying iPad kiosks must carefully consider. lilitab is the only iPad kiosk that is ADA compliant for a front wheelchair approach and conforms with California’s tougher requirements for screen placement and height.

Most Branding Options

lilitab offers the most flexible options for branding and marketing graphics including a 10” wide printed banner, a formed Sintra surround or a 10”x 6’ aluminum composite backdrop panel. All lilitab faces can be silk-screened with your logo and graphics for custom integration.


If you upgrade your iPad should you have to upgrade your iPad kiosk? lilitab is the only iPad kiosk that is guaranteed to fit all future iPads like a glove. Changes in the size and shape of your new tablet are accommodated via removable inserts custom fitted to the shape of each model. If you want to upgrade to take credit cards, customer loyalty or gift cards you can simply purchase a new head unit, the lilitab SWIPE. With other kiosks you will have to buy a whole new kiosk at triple the cost and more installation time!

Portable & Secure

With an integrated carrying handle and weighing in at less than 30 pounds, lilitab is the most mobile iPad kiosk available. It is the only kiosk that flat-packs for easy shipment via Fedex or UPS,we even have an ATA travel case if you need to take your Lilitab on the road.

Your iPad is protected by a tamper-proof ABS enclosure (the same stuff used in car bumpers) with various security options to hide or expose your iPad’s power button, home button, front facing camera and rear-facing camera. lilitab’s secure mounts are constructed from powder-coated tubular steel that house all USB cables leaving nothing for hackers or skimmers to access.