Trending - Tablet kiosk in Restaurants

 Trending: Tablet kiosks in restaurants You can read the article on kiosk marketplace here.

Lilitab and TextUs.Biz Team Up to Create the Perfect iPad Kiosk Receptionist

  Lilitab and TextUs.Biz Team Up to Create the Perfect iPad Kiosk Receptionist

Lilitab Swipe Security – DUKPT

  In a previous article I presented an overview of the general security features of our lilitab swipe. I described the two main protection mechanisms: the high strength ABS enclosure with embedded swipe unit along with the integrated information encryption at the reader head. In this article, I want to briefly cover another subtle, but no less important security feature, Device Unique Key Per Transaction, or DUKPT. The Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) algor...

Fun use of lilitab kiosks at ikea hacker

  Follow the link to see some pictures of lilitab Surface 1.0's attached to a self-built display constructed from hacked Ikea furniture. fun!

The Top 5 Ways to Convert “Showroomers” to Customers

  The Top 5 Ways to Convert “Showroomers” to Customers Retailers need to find new ways to surprise and delight “showrooming” store visitors. Engage and entertain them with affordable tablet kiosks: save them time, and provide rewards of unique in-store specials, activities and loyalty benefits. Self-Service Rules Empower customers to discover and purchase at their own pace.  Train sales staff to assist when needed, or just allow customers to browse entire product lines at w...

How to Add a Credit Card Reader to a Lilitab Kiosk

  In 2012 Lilitab began shipping the first fully integrated tablet kiosk-credit card reader combination. While other companies do provide card reader options, those are typically after thoughts, or “bolt-ons” such as plugging a third party reader into the headphone jack of the iPad™ or other tablet computer. We designed our reader as an integral part of the Lilitab Swipe point of sale (POS) solution. This assures customers that their personal information is safe and protected from compr...

Top 5 Reasons to deploy a Tablet Kiosk

  Here's a link to an article our CEO wrote for, the leading web-site for information on the kiosk industry. Top 5 Reasons to deploy a Tablet Kiosk Enjoy!

Lilitab Standard iPad kiosk now suitable for iPad 4

The Lilitab Standard iPad Kiosk is now better suited if you plan to use the new iPad 4th Gen. We are now selling extra-long lighting cables which replaces the other option of buying a separate USB A to USB B cable. The new cable is long enough to run down the entire length of the pole and out the bottom, which now eliminates the chance of the two cables coming apart in the centre of the pole.

Lilitab products work with iPad 4

  Just a quick post to let all our valued customers know that the entire lilitab product range will work with the newly announced iPad 4 with the new Lightning connector, no alterations to the enclosure needed! If your product is the Surface or Lift you are good to go with the 3' Lightning cable that comes with your iPad. If your product is the Standard you will need a USB extension cable to connect the Lightning cable included with your iPad to the iPad's AC adapter in the ...

Mike Rose of TUAW reviews the lilitab

We think the lilitab is the best ipad kiosk on the market, but of course we are a little biased ;-) It's nice to see the most prominent apple-centric weblog around likes our product too. Check out the review here: lilitab ipad kiosk hits the mark...
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